Robus robot palletiser

Modern palletising systems must meet ever higher demands for flexibility, reliability, optimal space utilisation and safety. This means that they have to handle and palletise a wide range of products that have to be packed from various production lines in the most effective way possible.

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We recommend our Robus robot palletiser for tasks precisely of this sort.

With our many years of experience in the field of palletising and our expertise in designing a wide range of gripper systems, vacuum plates and control technology, we can provide our customers with well-engineered, reliable robot palletising systems, which are suitable for palletising and depalletising products of many different sorts, such as boxes, sacks, baskets and trays on or in loading equipment such as Euro pallets, Düsseldorf pallets and even wire mesh containers. Layer and packing patterns that can be edited to meet your needs and network connection to master computers offer maximum flexibility.

All of the components of the palletising cells, such as product supply belts, conveying equipment, pallet feeding, safety and electrical equipment, are planned, designed and manufactured in-house. During modular assembly of a palletising cell, we either use standard modules from our product range or customise individual components to meet the specific needs of our customers. We see ourselves as a supplier of turnkey systems and offer our customers a full service, including fitting and after-sales service, in line with our motto “everything under one roof”.

Key features:

  • Cost-effective palletiser solution
  • High flexibility
  • High process reliability
  • Careful product handling
  • Simultaneous operation of several production lines
  • Lowest possible maintenance costs
  • Limited space requirement with large working range
  • Systems such as cameras, barcode scanners, intermediate layer and cover sheet units, vacuum plates, and many more 
  • Easy to integrate
  • Can also be used as a robot depalletiser
  • Modular gripper systems
  • Quick-change gripper units

Key technical data:

Performance Up to 1200 cycles/h
Pallet types Euro, industrial, Düsseldorf pallets, special formats
Packing patterns Can be configured as required
Stack height max. 2200mm
Conveyor height 95 - 700mm
Empty pallet magazine optional (pal. capacity max. 25)
Container feed height 500-1000mm
Intermediate layer magazine optional (up to 1300mm stack height)
Compressed air 6-10 bar
Operating voltage 3x400V, 50Hz (other specifications on request)
Connected power 15-18 kVA

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