Depalletising technology

You can find out more about our depalletiser technology here. We will be happy to help you plan the optimal solution to meet your requirements for automatic unloaders for various pallet types. Our product range includes turnkey depalletisers with the necessary peripherals, such as apron conveyors, accumulation tables, single liners and much more. All components are designed and manufactured by us or are supplied by our long-standing partners. You will receive a full service under one roof.

Depalletiser systems

Two different types of depalletiser systems are sold by EUROline Logistik- und Packsysteme GmbH. On the one hand, there are depalletisers with a low discharge, on the other those with a high discharge. The low discharge model is ideal for mid-range output. We recommend our high discharge depalletisers for the high performance range.

An automatic glass jar stacker is ideal to ensure that glasses, cans, and plastic containers and bottles can be unloaded. In this way, the empty packaging can be fed on automatically for further production. In the case of automatic depalletising with a low discharge, a pallet with empty containers is fed into the system either automatically via a conveyor system or manually with a lifting truck. Usually, the uppermost covering board is automatically removed by the intermediate layer unit and discharged into a magazine provided for this purpose. The lifting equipment lowers onto the upright pallet and the push-off carriage rolls over the product layer to deposit the container layer either on a discharge table or a discharge conveyor. The empty containers are then transported individually by a single liner up to a discharge height of 900mm. With the modern PLC controls in our depalletiser systems, the unloaders are easy to operate and very flexible. The low maintenance costs and energy consumption also speak for themselves. In addition, the depalletiser systems have high process reliability and are easy to convert for other product formats.

Both the unloaders with low discharge and the high discharge models are available on our website ( This functions on the principle that the pallets to be destacked are placed on a conveyor belt and moved automatically into the system. The pallet is raised with a servo lifting device and the container layer is pushed off. The containers run out of the machine at a height of approx. 1500 to 3500 millimetres and are then forwarded on. The pallet lifting device creates pathways with optimal timing, delivering a greater output than the low discharge model.

For example, up to 60000 cans of food can be destacked and separated with a single liner within an hour.

EUROline Logistik- und Packsysteme GmbH is the ideal place to turn for depalletiser systems, destackers and unloading equipment. We offer a wide range of types and models and we are always happy to assist customers with any questions they may have.

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