Delus 600 depalletiser

Universal and flexible depalletiser system for mid- to high-range performance with low container discharge for destacking of various containers such as glass jars, cans, drums, and glass, plastic and cardboard bottles. Manual or fully automatic input and output of full and empty pallets.

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Functional description

The pallet to be destacked is placed manually on the depalletising station in the system. If present, the automatic intermediate layer unit removes the top covering board and inserts it into a magazine provided for the purpose. The push-off carriage then moves over the pallet and pushes the container layer onto the discharge table, which in turn pushes the containers onto the separation conveyer.

Key features of our Delus 600 series:

  • Sturdy steel design, fully covered, dirt-resistant
  • Latest Siemens PLC controls with large, user-friendly colour touchscreen
  • Motorised layer centring on all sides with measuring sensors to enable movement to any position
  • High process reliability through automatic monitoring of all key functions
  • High positioning accuracy through servo drive technology
  • Depalletiser suitable for destacking Euro, industrial, Düsseldorf and CHEP pallets
  • Low energy consumption through the use of energy-saving drives in the latest energy classes
  • Depalletising programs can be edited easily by the operator
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Intermediate layer unit for automatic removal of intermediate layers
  • Automatic empty pallet feed from pallet store supplied by the customer or integrated, automatically adjustable pallet magazine.

Key technical data:

  • Pallet dimensions: 600x800 to 1300x1300 mm
  • Performance: up to 50,000 containers/h (e.g. small tins of food)
  • Stack height: up to 2500 mm
  • Intermediate layer dimensions max. 1400x1400 mm
  • Discharge height of the destacked containers 900 - 1500 mm (standard)
Performance [containers/h] Up to 50.000 (e.g. small tins of food)
Pallet types (standard)   Euro, industrial, disposable pallets (max. 1200x1200mm)
Maximum stack height    [mm] 2400
Intermediate layers [mm] 1200x1200 (made of plastic, cardboard or as slip lids)
Intermediate layer magazine   Stack height max. 1200mm on pallet
Container discharge height [mm] 900 with low discharge
Compressed air [bar] 6-7 unoiled
Operating voltage [V AC] 3 x 400,50 Hz
Power consumption [A] Approx. 23

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