Palus 1000 layer palletiser

Universal palletiser system in the form of a layering palletiser or a slide-plate palletiser with product feed at the top for high-performance, fully automated palletising of boxes, trays, cans or cases, sacks and many other products.

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Functional description

The containers enter the palletiser on a single or multiple track, and are separated, counted and, if required, rotated by 90°. Barrier spacers are activated by the program as required. Once the layer has been created by pushing off the individual rows several times, the entire layer is moved over the pallet, the roller carpet or the separated layer plate advances and the layer is placed on to the pallet. Once the pallet is fully loaded, it is moved out of the palletiser and is ready to be picked up.

Key features of our Palus 1000 series:

  • Sturdy steel design, fully covered, dirt-resistant
  • Latest Siemens controls with large, user-friendly colour touchscreen
  • Motorised layer centring on all sides with measuring sensors to enable movement to any position
  • High process reliability through automatic monitoring of all key functions
  • High precision of placement for containers thanks to servo drive technology
  • Palletiser suitable for handling Euro, industrial, Düsseldorf and CHEP pallets
  • Low energy consumption through the use of energy-saving drives in the latest energy classes
  • Packing patterns can be edited easily by the operator
  • Very low maintenance costs
  • Optional intermediate layer unit integrated beneath the layer plate (simultaneous placement of the intermediate layer and preparation of the next layer on the layer plate)
  • Automatic empty pallet feed from pallet store supplied by the customer or integrated, automatically adjustable pallet magazine.

Key technical data:

  • Pallet dimensions: 600x800 to 1200x1200 mm
  • Performance: up to 6800 containers per hour, depending on container type
  • Stack height: up to 2400 mm
Maximum performance [containers/h] Up to 6800 (depending on container size and packing pattern)
Pallet types (standard)   Euro, industrial, 2 x 1/2 Euro pallets
Packing patterns   beliebig
Maximum stack height [mm] 2000
Height of conveyor (standard) [mm] 450
Empty pallet magazine (optional) [capacity] 25
Feed height [mm] 2400-2800
Intermediate layer magazine filling height [mm] 1300
Number of suction cups on sheet applicator   2 suction frames with 12 suction cups each
Compressed air [bar] 6-7
Operating voltage [V] 3 x 400,50 Hz
Maximum power consumption [A] 36

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