Portus 240 drum palletiser

The area of application of the Portus 240 drum portal robot comprises the palletising and, in particular, depalletising of steel and plastic drums with a unit weight of up to 400kg.

Connected downstream from a drum-filling system, it provides a space-saving and efficient palletiser solution for placing freshly filled drums on various types of loading equipment with millimetre precision.

fasspalettierer_portus_240_1.jpg fasspalettierer_portus_240_2.jpg fasspalettierer_portus_240_3.jpg fasspalettierer_portus_240_4.jpg fasspalettierer_portus_240_5.jpg fasspalettierer_portus_240_6.jpg fasspalettierer_portus_240_7.jpg

A further important area of application for drum lifters is the unloading of pallets for sorting onto other carrying equipment, individual storage, order-picking or other similar purposes.

Thanks to the “intelligent”, self-aligning drum lifting unit with vacuum lifter, the system can pick up drums irrespective of their position on the pallet or on a feed conveyor belt.

The extremely sturdy design of our drum palletiser ensures that the machine has a very long service life and is low maintenance, even when handling very heavy goods.

Key features:

  • Space-saving thanks to modular base frame
  • Modular gripper and vacuum systems
  • Sturdy design for long service life and minimal maintenance costs
  • Automatic drum position detection
  • High flexibility
  • Suitable for palletising and depalletising
  • Intuitive user interface using modern Siemens HMI

Key technical data:

Function Palletising or depalletising
Palletized freight Steel drums, plastic drums 20-250 litres, 25-400 kg
Pallet types Wood, plastic, steel pallets from 800x600 to 1200x1200mm
Performance Up to 300 drums/h
Power supply 230/400V AC 50Hz
Compressed air supply 6-8 bar

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