Vertical conveyors/lifts

Link different levels effectively with automatic EUROline vertical conveyors as pallet lifts, drum lifts, load lifts without operators or console lifts. Various systems can be used for this purpose. Whether it’s with a motorised lift drive, inclined roller conveyors or hydraulic lifting tables, we have the optimal raising and lowering solution for every area of application.

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We plan and supply fully automated vertical conveyors for a wide range of products such as pallets, boxes, drums, cases, etc. Our systems can be installed as part machines for integration with existing conveyor systems or as turnkey systems. With our experienced designers in the field of conveyor systems, we offer our customers individually optimised height conveyors for use both indoors and outdoors. Our lifting devices are fitted with the latest control and drive technology. The safety equipment is also optimised for the specific task. Our range also includes separation of the lift access with quick-operating roller gates, barriers or fire-safety gates. Designing and supplying housings or walled shafts is also part of our service.

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