ChainCon series chain conveyors

Our standard ChainCon range includes roller conveyors for loading equipment such as pallets or boxes up to a width of 1500mm. The standard load-bearing capacity of our carrying-chain conveyors is a maximum of 2.5t.

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We supply individual conveyors or plan and supply conveyor systems with carrying-chain conveyors tailor-made to our customers’ needs. If required, we will also handle all of the installation and commissioning. All conveyors are made in-house to our high quality standards.

Key features of our ChainCon chain conveyors:

  • Modular design
  • Use of high-quality components, such as SEW drives and corrosion-resistant drive chains
  • Strong, thick-walled rollers with bearing seals
  • Drives can be controllable or uncontrolled as required
  • Steel frame, powder-coated in any colour, galvanised or in stainless steel
  • Conveyors can be fitted with optional components, such as pallet guides, footplates and sensors
  • Standard load-bearing capacity 2500kg
  • Higher load-bearing capacity thanks to multiple chain tracks
  • Conveyor height 250 - 600 mm
  • Standard conveyor length 600 - 3000mm
  • Conveyor speed up to 0.6m/s

Key technical data:

Dimensions L=1396-2792, W=986 or 1186, H=250-600mm
Load-bearing capacity Up to 2500kg
Track spacing Determined by pallet type and number of tracks
Conveyor roller 5/8" chain that complies with DIN8187, duplex, triplex, or fourplex chain as required
Roller track profile Strong standard profile H=160, 8mm thick
Drive SEW gear motor, 0.37 - 1.5 kW depending on pallet weight, options include frequency control with Movimot, various Bus interfaces such as Profibus, ASI bus, CAN bus, with brake, temperature monitoring, protection type IP54-65
Conveyor speed Up to 0.6m/s
Surface treatment Powder-coated, galvanised or entirely in stainless steel
Colour RAL 7035 (standard), other colours available at a small additional cost
Optional equipment Solid, adjustable pallet guide, adjustable roller guide plates, locks, stoppers, end stops

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